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Jenny Kang

UX/UI Designer + Coder in NYC


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Hi! thanks for checking out my website. I'm a designer with 7+ years of experience. I recently earned my master's degree in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design where I studied various emerging technologies from Physical Computing, Data Visualization, Web Development, Creative Coding, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Before, I double-majored in Visual Media Design and Public Relations & Advertising in Seoul.

I'm particularly interested in visualizing complex ideas, mapping data to find hidden insights, connecting physical data to digital, how to utilize big data in new ways as a designer.I'm currently working at Enigma, which is a data management company.


Check out my ongoing activities and research on emerging technologies, and the future of data + UX + business. Let's stay in touch!


Internship at Datorama

To get real-field experience in the area of business intelligence and data visualization, I interned at Datorama HQ, an innovative data analytics company creating real time marketing data analytics dashboards. Datorama helps marketers at thousands of leading companies connect all of their data sources together, whether it’s a handful or hundreds, to form a single source of truth for more efficient reporting, better decision making and total control over clients' marketing performance. I was in charge of material design, adding interactivity on Datorama's data analytics UI to improve the visual communication.

As a sole designer (intern) in sales team, I designed user interfaces of Datorama's automatic search, social, display performance dashboards with HTML,CSS and Javascript for clients to see their A/B testing data and key performance indicators at a glance. My previous academic background and experience in visual communication, marketing and user experience helped me develop the dashboards with a solid understanding of marketing terms and visual elements to interpret the data as well as enhancing user experience, aligning with strategic marketing goals. 

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