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Jenny (Jiyeon) Kang

Interaction Designer + Coder 🎵

400 West 37th Street, New York, NY


 +1 646 283 4556


I have been pursuing my career as a designer for 9 years. I recently earned my master's degree in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design in New York City, and before, I double-majored in Visual Media Design and Public Relations & Advertising in Seoul, Korea. I'm specialized in UX/UI design for data-driven applications and dashboards, trying to find design solutions for complex systems. I'm a well-rounded designer who has deeper understandings in design, technology and business.


Check out my ongoing activities and research on emerging technologies, and the future of data + UX + business. Let's stay in touch!


Tech D.I.Y Exhibition

I assisted with my professor Jisun Lee's 3rd Tech D.I.Y solo show in August. I have been interested in Physical Computing and creative education a lot. For me, It was a great experience organizing a tech exhibition and preparing for workshops for kids. Also, my professor has a strong enthusiasm for spreading Maker Movement in Korea, so I've learned how I responsible for open source environment as a maker.


Sewing Circuits - Tech D.I.Y. - Ji Sun Lee’s 3rd Solo Show At the Makery

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