J Kang

Itaewon 2013: Redesigning A Multi-cultural City in Seoul (2011)

Hackney x Itaewon


Itaewon City Re-design Project 2013

A half century ago, after the Korean war, Itaewon city was a military post. So, many foreign people have stayed in the city, and they become concrete residents over decades.
Itaewon naturally became "a cultural melting pot" which has extreme diversity in gender, race, occupation, etc. But, the city structure was not very well-organized, and streets are messy that gives an impression of the dangerous area. 
My university located right near Itaewon area; So, we put heads together to enhance the city environment and culture by design planning. To set this project of "Itaewon City Re-design 2013" up, we did a lot of research in other cities' cases. We found a case that we can benchmark as Hackney in London. Hackney is a city of London, which revived by design, street art, and creative education.
After lab research, I flew to London for a field trip, accompanying by a dean and senior students at Sookmyung Women's University.
In Hackney, we visited many local spots and interviewed residents. After the global field trip, we suggested some design idea for Itaewon renewal to Yongsan city hall and held a public exhibition at the City Hall.